If money be the root of all panic in small business, then let ours be the voice of reason.

OnMyOwn Business Solutions is a full service Accounting/Bookkeeping firm, specializing in financial mentoring, strategies and mediation for new business start-ups, immigrant entrepreneurs and first time small business owners.

OnMyOwn Business Solutions is not just concerned with the numbers, but with all things that your numbers affect. Whether you are at the beginning, middle, or end stages of your business, we can help you meet the challenges to get you to the next level.

MaryAnne Wentzell, CEO and founder of OnMyOwn Business Solutions Inc. comes to us from a background of helping people. As a trusted teacher, public speaker, business consultant and small business owner herself, she is committed to helping you meet your potential in business and in life. With more than 30 years helping others, MaryAnne has served the business and financial needs of individuals, small and large businesses as well as new entrepreneurs.

She has come alongside new immigrants to establish and grow their businesses and has waded through the confusing world of government programs and services for small business owners alike.

Whether you have questions about building your business or selling it, hiring employees or even making it through bankruptcy, we can help. While the numbers on financial statement affect every aspect of our lives, so does taking control of them.


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